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  • Apply of face covers. Applying masks

    CoverBut before the mask off, you should to nicely cleanse a facial skin. Especially effective mask how peelings, of the steam bath or hot compress. Use a mask to the massotherapy lines.Face cover can be used with a brushing, sponge, brush, cotton swab or fingertips. All this must be immaculately polish.After that, for greater effect it is desirable to cover a facial skin with warm gauze or aluminum foil.Cleansing, anti-inflammatory, astringent and clay covers, and covers containing sweet melon, fresh vegetables and cereals, female skin wash off with lukewarm water (with a cotton swab). To strengthen the effect in a aqua, you can add to lemon juice or big apple cider vinegar (a teaspoonful in a glass of h2o). Gerls with ordinary to very dry skin is better to apply in this case, the infusion of herbs, rather weak watter, milk, broth hips, salted coldness boiled water.

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    Caring for ordinary face

    CoverPractically in most cases the masks and face care carried out in the first and evening.Satisfying face leaving. Rinse a skin with a soft h2o at apartment temperature (or slightly cool) without soap or clean with a piece of ice in the direction of a facial skin lines. Do not apply soap. In normal skin it is used 2-3 minutes in a week so how not to overdry the skin. Following rinsing (rubbing ice) dab the facial skin with a wiper: it is applied to the facial skin with a slight pressure. Drained of a person after ablution, regardless of skin type.Tip: It is possible to not be rude to wipe the skin, because a facial skin is stretched and with premature skin wrinkles appear.If, after rinsing or wiping the ice serum is used to a face, getting wet when you can leave a small moisture on a skin.

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    Steam bath for very dry face

    MaskFor dry skin, compresses correct suited than a steam bath. How, 1 time a month It is possible to try a combination of bay leaf, licorice, chamomile, comfrey, dandelion, rose, hibiscus and orange peel.Duration of procedure - about the size of 3-5 minutes.Alike posts:Mask Skin care for pregnantMask Young faceCover Face care after 50 years. . . . .

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    Whitening skin masks of freckles

    MaskIf you enjoy a lot of freckles, and you are highly visible enough, the best solution would indeed be an appeal to a experts, but with a bit of help to have rid of freckles and home remedies, when applied accurately and regularly. Of course, first of all, we appeal to a people's recipes: they are safe, inexpensive and always at mitt.Whitening cover not alone eliminate a freckles, but also much beneficial for a skin. This cover may be of curd and fluid, potato starch, lemon fresh juice, parsley, black currant, cucumber, and other juices, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.A simple formula: black currant fresh juice or mashed fruits blend with potatoes, grated on a fine grater. The resulting slurry was put on the skin for 20 min, then ablution off with cool water. This cover is not only whitens freckles, but also reduces skin wrinkles and tightens enlarged pores.Its whitening and moisturizing and anti-inflammatory affinity of cucumber juice has long been known. You just claim to put on issue areas thinly sliced?? cucumber slices, not less than 20 minutes - later this cover, you can not even sluice.Unlike cucumber fresh juice, onion breeding juice to sluice off, and it did not smell so candy, similar a cucumber, but it does not whiten less efficiently.

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    Moisturizing Face Cover

    CoverMoisturizing facial masks are vital for dry, dehydrated, sensitive and flaky face, as it instantly hydrate a facial skin and restore natural moisture balance and skin however rightly how soften and restore skin elasticity and suppleness. Hydrating mask done from natural items (dairy, fruits, raw vegetables, etc.) and are a perfect addition to creams. They saturate a skin with vitamin and other nutrients. Their application is useful for all facial skin types. But they are essential for mature, aging skin that wants a unique ingredients that can erase the traces of time: reduce skin wrinkles, restore and renew a facial skin, to charge her extra energy. Hydrating mask with a generator recommended 3-4 minutes a 7 days, home hydrating cover - every day.Alike articles:Cover Facials those over 50Cover Face satisfying in the eveningCover Masks for fase in 20 years.

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    Why do I have freckles

    CoverOf course, the externality of freckles due to the varied processes in a skin and throughout the aging body. 1st of all, it is the metabolic processes that cause pigmentation disorders skin: melanin accumulates in certain places, and freckles are formed, and they may cover not only the face but also the shoulders, arms, back.Freckles and age spots - 2 different things. Dark-brown spots can talk about hidden diseases or appear in approximately gerls during gestation.Tendency to a person of freckles could be hereditary, while the women and gerls with fair skin, you appear more frequently - at least that's what counts.Freckles may get less noticeable with age, and they are clearly visible alone in the spring and in a winter they may be seen less, but we want to get rid of them for great, and not wait for them to disappear or fade.Therefore, even in a winter, if you know that a skin is prone to the formation of freckles, service must be taken to source, they were invisible.Similar posts:Mask Skin care '22Cover Facial and body of the 30Cover Body maintenance face home. . . .

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    Cleansing Masks for fase. Cleaning the skin at home

    MaskCleansing masks and skin care mask is prepared on the basis of suds, wax, clay and other synthetic items that attract dirt, grease and dead skin horny scales with a face. All that adheres to a inner side of a mask however it dries, so removed from the facial skin together with a cover. How a effect, the pores are cleansed, improves blood circulation, which gives a face a healthy color and freshness.Besides cleansing cover for the skin and neck skin carried a mild peeling. Cleansing face masks, experts suggest to do once a week. This type of mask is suitable for all facial skin types.Immediately after cleansing cover, which is removed with warm water, it is helpful to make the nutritional. But if you do not have time, or at least use a generous layer to the face nourishing cream.If you use the masks with a producer, then those with dry skin masks and face care covers may be done TWO minutes a week.

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